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Re: Re :- Passport

Post by PSD-Kiwi » Wed Aug 02, 2017 7:58 am

From Metas Visa...
. Hi everyone, we just wanted to clarify the current situation with the Cambodian visa extensions.

Unfortunately, we were betrayed by the owner of another visa agency. The sad thing is, we considered them a good friend, and a solid business partner; we'd worked together successfully for over a year prior. We were meant to work together to deliver a fast visa service for our respective customers; instead, they've betrayed our trust and the trust of their own customers, by starting to use the money for their own means.

The recent elections are where the first delays started. All this time, we believed it to be a problem with a backlog in immigration as a result of the election outcome. The lies have continued from there for the last few months, but got more desperate and wild over the last week or so. Understandably, some customers had started to really lose their patience, so we knew proper answers were now needed. We finally caught them redhanded when we intercepted them entering immigration.

Now, our only priority is to get all the passports stamped and fully paid for so that they can be returned to our customer's. We don't want to delay things any longer, so we've arranged an express service for the outstanding passports. They should therefore be stamped by the end-of-play Wednesday. We hope to have them in Kampot by tomorrow evening; but we'll keep you posted tomorrow.

We're gonna have to bail them out with a substantial amount of money to get the 29 passports paid for, including all of the overstay penalties. We're now obviously working on the best way forward to ensure that they are held accountable and the money is returned to us in full.

Our sincere apologies for all the inconvenience caused to our customer's. Rest assured, we won't be making the same mistake again. We now have a better contact for immigration issues should there be any delays in the future, and have already found a more reliable and direct process to deliver our service.

Sorry again to all those affected. I hope you can understand the situation and can appreciate that we're working hard to resolve it.

We'll provide another update tomorrow afternoon.

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