which drugs Americans are Googling

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which drugs Americans are Googling

Post by BklynBoy » Sun Jan 15, 2017 2:08 am

http://www.substance.com/graphic-which- ... ost/19292/

Google searches can also let us know what drugs people are doing—or at least, what drugs they are curious about. This animated time-lapsed graphic, created by Withdrawal.net, shows which drugs Americans in different states have searched for online since 2004. As you can see, cocaine remains the most searched for drug across the country over the past decade. Interest in crystal meth is steadily rising, and searches for heroin and prescription drugs, like Xanex and Adderall, have become more common in the last five years. Meth, popular in the midwest since 2004, didn’t take off in other parts of the country until 2012. And Adderall interest surged in recent years across the nation, but especially on the East Coast.
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