Gov’t Pushes Census to 2019 for budget reasons.

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Gov’t Pushes Census to 2019 for budget reasons.

Postby CEOCambodiaNews » Tue Sep 27, 2016 9:38 pm

Gov’t Pushes Census to 2019

The 2018 national population census will be pushed back a year in order to focus on the 2018 national elections, the government announced on Friday.

According to article 6 of the Statistics Law, the census must be conducted at least once every 10 years, with the dates set by sub-decree. It makes no allowance for a postponement of census collection.

“I have decided not to do it by 2018. We cannot due to having too many things to handle, including budgets and we have the coming elections,” said Prime Minister HE following a meeting with his cabinet.

He stated that if the law needed to be amended to accommodate this change, then that would be arranged.

Mr. HE added that the budget was the biggest issue, as having to cover any costs for the census, much less the millions they would spend if they did conduct it, was prohibitive during a costlier-than-usual election cycle.
“Originally, we planned $12 million for the work of the census, but after a negotiation deal they lowered it to $8 million. Even if we have to spend $1 million we will not do it.”...

In July, the representative for the UN Populations Fund, Derveeuw Marc GL, wrote in an article for the Phnom Penh Post that said 25 percent of the census costs would be met by the Cambodian government from the national budget. ... s-to-2019/
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