Convicted Dutch pedophile arrested for third time in Siem Reap

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Re: Convicted Dutch pedophile arrested for third time in Siem Reap

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OKW wrote: Sat Feb 18, 2017 3:22 pm
Retar dedwaitress wrote: Thu Sep 15, 2016 7:41 pm Weird fuckers those dutch .
with the exception of this one and very few others
the Dutch are actually very well liked. I have lived next door to them for 25 years and its always been a good ride.
You can't fool me as I am already very unfairly prejudiced against the Dutch.

If talking about Dutch men living in Siem Riep, sorry but I won't let any of them come near my kids since I calculate the odds of a SR Dutch expat being a pedophile to be way higher than 100:1 (estimating SR dutch male expat population at less than 300 individuals for at least 3 recent high profile pedophile cases involving Dutch males).

If talking about Dutch woman it's just as bad since I personnaly had to deal over several years with the most wicked dutch bitch imaginable. Nothing was off limit for her: threats, violence, lies, forgery, theft, blackmailing, identity theft, gun trafficking, court of law shirking and even maybe black magic. Thankfully she was also capable of some good old plain stupidity like stealing an antic stone buddha statue to replace it with the cheapest plaster copy available. Not that the buddha was ever recovered but doing so she surely secured a next life reincarnation with plenty of pain and sufferings :evil5: .

So even if I realize that not all Irish are gingers, take my advice and beware the Dutch.
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Re: Convicted Dutch pedophile arrested for third time in Siem Reap

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sorry to hear about your years of dealings with the mentioned Dutch woman. And yes, many weirdos leave their homecountry for various reasons, hence the concentration of them elswhere. I was more thinking of the population of Holland and those actively living there. Weirdos is not really what they are known for.
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