Where are the Gay Ladies of Cambodia?

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Re: Where are the Gay Ladies of Cambodia?

Post by AndyKK »

That brought back a few memories of more then ten years ago, my first visit to Cambodia, and many more would follow.
My Thai wife at the time asked if I would take her to see the temples at Angkor.
We took the crossing into Cambodia via the Poi Pet border, leaving our car at the hotel on the Thai side for when we returned.
Traveling by taxi on our way to Siem Reap my wife asked the name of the hotel and what it was like, being that I had booked in advance. My reply was the Golden Banana Residence, I think I had a brocher at the time, I recollect that I picked it up in Bangkok.
She at the time did not look impressed, I asked her what the problem was, she showed me the brocher and said look the photos are of men together in the pool and so on. I did not realise at the time, also did not think it made any difference to our situation or stay. There at the hotel we had a great time, their was use and a young family staying at the time, it was not busy, but just now I looked on Agoda, and what I did notice the huge stone bathtubs have gone from the room balcony's.
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Re: Where are the Gay Ladies of Cambodia?

Post by Jamie_Lambo »

theres lots of lemons in Cambodia, im friends with quite a few, i probably know more lesbians in Cambodia than i do in England lol
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Re: Where are the Gay Ladies of Cambodia?

Post by monomial »

Which brings up a question I have but always forget to ask. In Thailand, the "male" looking member of a lesbian couple is called the "Tom", and the "female" looking member is called a "Dee".

Does anyone know what the equivalent Khmer terms are for these 2 different sides of a lesbian pair?
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Re: Where are the Gay Ladies of Cambodia?

Post by willyhilly »

Many lesbians amongst Thai working girls and Cambodians as well. I have known several although they are actually bi sexual.
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Re: Where are the Gay Ladies of Cambodia?

Post by Felgerkarb »

I discovered a fairly high rate of bi-sexual Khmer girls over the years....they were like, we play together until we get a steady boyfriend or husband.
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