Elephants and Royal Enfields (Thailand)

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Re: Elephants and Royal Enfields (Thailand)

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Both Rolls Royce and Bentley cars have hand painted pin stripes and incredible to see the clips that Andy posted from You Tube to just see what craftsmen are still around these days.
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Re: Elephants and Royal Enfields (Thailand)

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For your info Andy -

In Australia for the 2019 models and converted to US dollars -
Bullet 500 $6,000 (AUS $8,690)
Classic 500 $6,200 (AUS $8,990)
Classic Chrome $6,350 (AUS $9,190)
Continental GT $6,900 (AUS $9,990)
So just based on the GT we are paying a fair bit more than in the States but then again that may be down to the numbers that the USA imports and thus can gain a significant overall discount whereas Australia is a smaller limited market. Ask a lot of young blokes about British bikes and they won't have much to say which is a shame considering the history of the models that came out of England. Think BSA, Royal Enfield, Vincent, AJS, Sunbeam, Norton, Triumph etc whereas the younger generation just wants something that goes fast and basically looks like every other bike in the street.
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Re: Elephants and Royal Enfields (Thailand)

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phuketrichard wrote: Wed Dec 18, 2019 8:03 am Back in the 80's here i owned a 1960 enfield crusader, 250 cc. great bike. Brought it in Bangkok for 40,000 baht
they are the bike of choice in nepal now ( the 500 bullet). goes for under $4,000
can get them here but they are

Bangkok showroom

2017 model
Royal Enfield Thailand Price List
Model Price Down Down payment

Bullet 500 ฿ 179,800 20% 35,960
Classic 500 ฿ 189,800 20% 37,960
Classic Chrome ฿ 198,800 20% 39,760
Continental GT ฿ 219,800 20% 43,960

7% VAT included. Company reserves the right to change prices without prior notice.
This offer is subjected to credit approval of the customers.
Apparently now there is Royal Enfield Cambodia, TF Motors (Cambodia) Co. Ltd 174 Russian Federation Blvd.

https://www.royalenfield.com/kh/en/loca ... nom%20Penh
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Re: Elephants and Royal Enfields (Thailand)

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In Cambodia;
Bullet 500: 5099$
Classic 500: 5320$
Classic Chrome: 5529$
Himalayan: 4900$
Interceptor Standard 650: 6000$
Interceptor 650 custom: 6108$
Interceptor 650 Special: 6215$
Continental GT 650 Standard: 6215$
Continental GT650 Custom: 6330$
Continental GT 650 Special: 6450$
Every models are available in different trims and colours

Showroom is right behind MG Showroom on Russian Boulevard just after the 7 Makara bridge.

And here an article in Khmer!

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