25 Things Nobody Tells You About Traveling While Fat

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Re: 25 Things Nobody Tells You About Traveling While Fat

Post by Brody »

Doc67 wrote: Fri Nov 15, 2019 9:19 am Would you Dave?

Of course he would....who do you think took the photo?
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Re: 25 Things Nobody Tells You About Traveling While Fat

Post by Spigzy »

Dave is a bit busy to reply at the moment ...

Meum est propositum in taberna mori,
ut sint Guinness proxima morientis ori.
tunc cantabunt letius angelorum chori:
"Sit Deus propitius huic potatori."
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Re: 25 Things Nobody Tells You About Traveling While Fat

Post by Jerry Atrick »

Fat people be fat.

Not for me, although I could imagine a crippling illness or a brain injury could cause me to become a fat slob in no time.

I know at least ten people (male and female) personally, for whom their fat is a source of pride, and three of whom openly express their desire to get even bigger. They seem equally as happy as most people and don't have diabetes yet. Except for one. He's totally got undiagnosed diabetes and probably won't live much longer.

Anyhow, do what ya want, as long as it doesn't hurt anybody, just don't shove it in my face.
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Re: 25 Things Nobody Tells You About Traveling While Fat

Post by King Keil »

The only thing I am afraid of would be a really fat person sitting next to me on a long haul flight in economy.
Otherwise, who am I to tell a person what to do. These people are not blowing smoke into your face like some inconsiderate smokers do.
But one thing is for sure - I don't wanna be fat and it would be really hard to have a GF that is fat.
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