Mikkeller Bar Bangkok - Mini review

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Re: Mikkeller Bar Bangkok - Mini review

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This review is much appreciated. I will definitely need to try this place next time I am in Bangkok.
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Re: Mikkeller Bar Bangkok - Mini review

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I love a stout. I really haven't had a stout beer that I don't like. I was pleasantly surprised the first time I opened a can of Cambodia's Black Panther stout and took a drink. Probably not for most people's palette, as is the nature with stouts. At about 60 cents a can and %8, you really can't go wrong. I love the taste and 3 of them is like 6 of the Anchor or Angkors

ABC has a great taste but for some reason, is one of the more "expensive" locally made national brews ( forgive me, I am assuming ABC is Cambodian and I hate fact checking myself while typing)

I don't drink much these days, but I would always buy Black Panthers at the mini marts for home personal consumption ( after work beers).

Also, stouts don't give me heart burn or that bloated feeling like most mass-produced lagers/pilsners. Stouts tend to be less carbonated. I love Guinness, especially a Foreign Extra. I would put Black Panther right up there next to it. Any other people appreciate a stout beer here that would stand up for Black Panther ( not to be confused with that Black Kat/Cat lager or whatever)

Oatmeal Stouts... fucking A.. :beer1: :beer3:
I'll give ya 500 Riel for it...
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