Kampot to Pho Quoc with own car

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ned kelly
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Kampot to Pho Quoc with own car

Post by ned kelly »

Im thinking of going to Pho Quoc during Khmere NY. Is it possible to take your own car into Vietnam and use the ferry to Pho Quoc?

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Re: Kampot to Pho Quoc with own car

Post by hiway5 »

You can take a car into Vietnam but I don't know what is required. If no one else replies try to contact Andy at the Oasis bar in Ha Tien. He is a helpful guy.
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Re: Kampot to Pho Quoc with own car

Post by pczz »

not sure you can take a car unless it is registered in your name, and even then you may have issues as a foreigner driving a khmer registered car. You might need some sort of IDP which usually has to beissued in your country. Possible they will accept a khmer driving license. There are usually time limit as well like a month to get in and out
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Re: Kampot to Pho Quoc with own car

Post by oasisbarhatien »

AFAIK a foreigner is no longer allowed to drive a Cambodian registered car in through the border to Vietnam.They used to let people do it,but as I understand it,they don't now.if you have a Cambodian driver and car,they can bring it in,but there is some paperwork and payment involved on the Vietnamese side.Once you are here in Vietnam,again AFAIK there's no reason you can't take it on the car ferry to Phu Quoc
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Re: Kampot to Pho Quoc with own car

Post by kgbagent »

What about a barang with the car in their name and a Khmer drivers license?

And travelling with a Khmer who can also drive?
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