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Do you have a Cambodian trip report you want to share? Post it here, and feel free to link to your blog if it's a travel blog for Cambodia, South East Asia, or anywhere really. You can ask and answer questions about travel advice in Cambodia or just share your pictures and videos with us. Most people who live in or visit Cambodia have also checked out nearby countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, and you can get to most of these countries by traveling overland, so put any travel plans, reviews or questions here. Discussions about dirt bike trails in here as well.
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Flight site

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Someone you know is on a flight somewhere - find them here:


Just click on the plane of your choice and you have all the info.

Quite amazing how busy it is up there. In comparison note the empty airspace over east Ukraine (and also Cambodia?)
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Re: Flight site

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Amazing site, thanks for posting that. Over east Ukraine it's really quiet, if you zoom in on Cambodia, quite a few flights there.

How many people would be aboard planes at any given time around the world?
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Re: Flight site

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that is a great site. hmm sihanoukville airport is not shown

http://flightdiary.net/airport/phnom-pe ... ntong-vdpp

"immigration staff are corrupt"

its true, they short changed me 5 dollars! i was too busy looking if i had been given a tourist or an ordinary visa, and didnt check my change
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Re: Flight site

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kind of makes it easy for someone who wants to shoot them down too
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