Air Aisa Full Refund

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Air Aisa Full Refund

Post by Doc67 »

I recently had a trip planned to Australia from the 14-30th November and wanted to get out of going. I had a flight booked with Air Asia PP-KL-SYD which Air Asia had made a change to the outbound flight from PP-KL.

The outbound was originally 16:45 but they changed it to 14:25 on Oct 7th. This turned a 3 hour layover into a 5.5 hour one. Annoying, but not the end of the world.

On the email (at the bottom) they said I could get a full refund. As I had decided not to go anyway, any refund would be a bonus, even a partial one.

So, I applied on 6th November and got a case number. No other notification was made to me, no confirmation email, nothing to confirm I would get a full refund. Their online help was useless, they only ask questions they want to answer.

November 14th came and went with my outbound and onward flights still showing on my account of upcoming flights, as it was before the refund request. I was getting very nervous.

At 8pm last night the FULL amount hit my account, $747.96. That included all the baggage extras and seat selection extras, which was about $200 alone. There was no deduction for any admin fees or the like. I was, and still am, amazed.

I have claimed back Airport taxes and fees before with Air Asia and that is a bit complex and takes about 90 days to refund. This claim took 96 hours from the outbound flight being a 'no show'.

I can only assume that there is some international airline obligation that if they move your flight times beyond a certain amount they have to refund the lot. I cannot believe they would offer a full refund just for an extra 2.5 hours additional layover out of the goodness of their hearts.

I think the take away from this is that if an airline notifies you with a change of flight times, read the whole of the email to the bottom of the page
You might find you are entitled to all your money back and that might be a very attractive offer for you at that time.

Anybody had similar experience?
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Re: Air Aisa Full Refund

Post by hiway5 »

They refund the money only after the date of the flight.

I had a flight change before and they offered me a change to the new time or a refund. About a month later they gave me 3 one way air asiax tickets.
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Re: Air Aisa Full Refund

Post by Cowshed Cowboy »

I had it once with Air Asia where they cancelled in advance the flight to the following day, presumably it was so empty it wasn't worth flying. I took the opportunity to cancel and got the full refund but I don't think it was as quick as yours.

4 of us had a battle with them years ago with a flight from Bangkok to Yangon, we got checked in but were held up in immigration. Unfortunately for them in their rush to stick to their departure time they only unloaded 3 out of 4 sets of our bags, which gave us the bargaining power to get all 4 refunds rather than just the one they offered. I wonder how much money they make with their 6 month forward promotions through cancellations and as is their right only refunding the airport tax.
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Re: Air Aisa Full Refund

Post by Kung-fu Hillbilly »

I've mentioned it before. I'm an AirAsia fanboy as they changed the air travel landscape in Australia opening the door toward real competition between airlines for travelers down under. Apart from a couple of short lived efforts by airlines such as IndoJet and Paradise Air, we were paying $AUS1000 return to Bali from Perth which in retrospect reveals how much money companies such as Qantas were making during this period. With AirAsia entering the market airfares plummeted to around $AUD250 (and less) return for the same trip.But for some of us, the one way ticket for $150 into Indonesia allowed a cheap insertion point to carry on our travels further through Asia as airfares and overland travel were cheap from there on in.

AirAsia aren't perfect with many stories of delays, refund issues, overpriced add-ons, lost bags etc, but for me and others who regularly travel Asia from Australia we''ll take the occasional inconvenience because in one sense, we owe them.
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Re: Air Aisa Full Refund

Post by CEOCambodiaNews »

AirAsia sells tickets on other airlines
November 19, 2019
SEPANG, Kuala Lumpur, 19 November 2019: AirAsia has expanded its online sales to include flights on other airlines in a move to transforms into a leading travel and lifestyle platform in Asia.

A partnership with leading travel technology company,, will give the airline’s website fare offers to destinations such as London, Dubai, Madrid and Auckland on a variety of airlines.

Around 50 million unique monthly users who choose to book flights, hotels and activities on will now have the option to book flights on other airlines. CEO Tony Fernandes said: “When we started AirAsia as a low-cost airline back in 2001, I never thought one day we would be selling our competitors.

“But if there’s one thing I’ve learned, never say never…and believe the unbelievable. Today, with the help of, we are reinventing ourselves as more than just an airline, bringing to life our vision for to be the region’s one-stop travel shop.” ... -airlines/
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Re: Air Aisa Full Refund

Post by explorer »

It is common for flights booked from 2 or more airlines to be combined on one plane. The person sitting next to you on the plane, may have a different flight number to you.
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Re: Air Aisa Full Refund

Post by explorer »

It is probably Australian law. If you book a flight, and that flight is cancelled, the airline has to give you the option of a full refund.
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Re: Air Aisa Full Refund


Always book on a credit card anyway, extra protection as it's the bank's money.
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Re: Air Aisa Full Refund

Post by bucknaked »

yea I find them pretty good, certainly the cheapest option traveling to Aus to Asia

their automated online help is cruddy, although you can bypass it by typing speak to "Allstar member" and you will [usually] get put through to an actual person in an online chat

I wanted to alter the date to my upcoming trip to PP but it was going to cost more than it would be to not show up to my flight and rebook another one way [their advise]
after my no show I can claim the airport taxes

no thrills though, pay for check in luggage, drinks, change of seat, entertainment, little soft blankey, air
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Re: Air Aisa Full Refund

Post by phuketrichard »

Been using air asiain se asia since they started and 90% pleased, much better thna other local no frill airlines.
Longest flight was Phuket to Bali ( like 3 1/2hours)
Have booked a few tickets that were like $25 just thinking , maybe i'll go it was so cheap.

Usually on time, give or take 10 minutes
For price,cant beat them...

Last month used Thai lion air Phuket-DMK-KTM, flight was delayed over 1 hour.both ways to ktm.. small seats. Glad i'm not over 5.10
They did make a mistake and i got a free meal, ( not at all good)
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