What goes around comes around

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What goes around comes around

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An Indonesian lawmaker who helped write strict anti-adultery laws in a semi-autonomous region of the country received 28 lashes after he was caught committing adultery himself.


The man, Mukhlis bin Muhammad, worked for the Aceh Ulema Council (MPU,) the Islamic lawmaking body in Aceh, a semi-autonomous region of Sumatra, Indonesia’s largest island.

The charlatan was busted by Aceh religious police in a car with a married woman near a tourist beach in September, BBC Indonesia reported.

He was flogged in public on Thursday, as was the woman, who was not named. The woman received 23 lashes.


“This is God’s law. Anyone must be flogged if proven guilty, even if he is a member of the MPU,” Husaini Wahab, the deputy mayor of Aceh Besar, told BBC Indonesia.

Aceh has used Shariah law, a strict interpretation of legal guidelines laid out in the Qu’ran, since 2005.

Homosexuality is illegal in Aceh, as is gambling, sex before marriage, adultery, and alcohol in any form.

Read more at https://www.businessinsider.com/indones ... UOPsQkQ.99