Shots fired in US Capitol?

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Re: Shots fired in US Capitol?

Post by juansweetpotato » Fri Apr 08, 2016 11:26 pm

Sailorman wrote:Big Ghettos and slums in Washington DC. Unsafe city to live in. Had some of the most restrictive firearms laws in America. Both it and Chicago (also with restrictive firearms laws) are the murder capitals of America.

Yeah, that's what immediately came to my mind when I read the headline. Hardly news if it was just another gunshot in Washington. I too didn't realize that Americans refer to a building as the capital. Is that on Capital Hill then?

Of course we in PP have our own Capital building. There have been known to be a few gun shots outside there too.

I would imagine Americans must go around in bullet proof vests all the time. Is there a fashion range available?
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