Poverty in the West

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Poverty in the West

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This is a sad documentary about NGOs working in poverty stricken parts of the West. Most of the poor people don't look that poor though, they seem a bit weird.

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Re: Poverty in the West

Post by SternAAlbifrons »

You gotta be a hardcore realist - as well as a dreamer - if you want to be a successful do-gooder.

The tittle should be
"i had a dream.. but it was totally impractical and unlawful"

Can't knock the The Mohican too much tho', at least he got off his arse
that means he has some chance of becoming a successful do-gooder - if he ever gets hardcore realistic about it.
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Sir Duncan
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Re: Poverty in the West

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With the cost of living going up all the time you need two incomes to support yourself and a family if you want all the necessities and luxuries in life.

An even better way is to have more than two incomes and a few extra bodies to help in the household and this is the way the smart poor people will survive in the future. Remember how it was in the past when families were a mix of uncles, aunties, grandparents and maybe a brother or sister or two, all living in one house.
Look how families have got smaller and smaller over the centuries and you will now slowly see a reversal ,,, and it's already happening with relationships.

https://r.search.yahoo.com/_ylt=Awr9DtA ... vM5u1V_Fw-

https://r.search.yahoo.com/_ylt=Awr9DtA ... bEIx_HBWY-

https://r.search.yahoo.com/_ylt=Awr9DtA ... C2WuLejIs-
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