Outbound Chinese travelers getting more ‘rad’

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Outbound Chinese travelers getting more ‘rad’

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Think about this;
The most recent data regarding passports assigned to Chinese citizens was recorded in October 2016, a minuscule 120 million passports were in circulation- China has a population of nearly 1.4 billion- therefore only 8.7% of the population had a passport.
So the future in the travel business just might be suited to catering to the growing Chinese travelers.
Chinese outbound travelers now value cool experiences over landmark visits, and they are prepared to spend more too

Visiting mostly iconic landmarks, partaking in shopping, eating Chinese cuisine? These stereotypes of Chinese travelers overseas are fast becoming obsolete, according to a raft of new studies depicting the changing profile of the group, China Daily reports.

Making multiple visits to the same destination is one marked departure from the traditional perception of Chinese travelers, according to the latest report by Airbnb, the United-States company that offers online booking for homestay services, and the Chinese consultancy CBN Data.

nearly 60% of millennial Chinese travelers who participated in the survey said they would visit a destination more than once, especially if it was considered to be off the beaten path.

Those born in the 1990s are expected to account for half the new outbound travel population, and the group appears to be more enthusiastic about venturing into new territories.

“As “trend followers,” they tend to follow popular routes on social media apps such as Douyin and Instagram,” Peng said.

The study identified the millennial travelers as upholding the “work hard, play harder” ethos, with two-thirds of respondents opting to “live in the moment” and seek instant gratification to quickly recover from the hectic pace of work.

Sixty-nine percent labeled themselves as belonging to the “Me” generation, who thrive on being in the limelight, with a strong desire to express their identity. Correspondingly, they relish opportunities to be visible, including through socially shareable visuals.
https://www.asiatimes.com/2019/10/artic ... -more-rad/
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Re: Outbound Chinese travelers getting more ‘rad’

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I was recently in Ao Nang and also in Phuket. The Chinese tourists in those places looked good on the whole. Nicely dressed, good style, behaving well. Many young couples. I have never seen Chinese tourists like this in PP. Maybe in Siem Reap?
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