Nepal bows to Chinese presure

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Nepal bows to Chinese presure

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and this really sucks!!!
BUT what can the do. Many online are calling for a boycott of Nepal and this could hurt their visit Nepal 2020 festivals.
Although the Nepalese government resisted pressures to deport back to China the refugees who are already in Nepal, it will deport those of them who will enter Nepal in the future

In October, Bitter Winter reported how President Xi Jinping’s visit to Nepal had failed to persuade the authorities of the Himalayan kingdom, under pressure from their own public opinion, to deport back to China under a proposed extradition treaty a good number of the some 20,000 Tibetan refugees living within Nepalese borders. It was an unexpected defeat for the Chinese leader, who reacted very angrily. The CCP, however, never stops its policy to pressure other countries against refugees escaping religious persecution, as Bitter Winter documented in its movie The Long Arm of the Dragon.

This week, international media learned that Xi Jinping, for all his protests, did achieve one significant, if secret, result in Nepal. Rumors started circulating that a secret agreement about Tibetan asylum seekers has been signed during Xi’s visit. The Nepalese Constitution stipulates that any confidential treaty signed by the government with a foreign country should be disclosed to the Parliament if it asks to learn about it. The Parliament did ask the government to report about the rumors. As a result, Nepalese Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pradeep Gyawali, issued a written statement confirming that a confidential agreement has indeed been signed during Xi’s visit. ... v0eY_8qFjc
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Re: Nepal bows to Chinese presure

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They have a very delicate relationship. When I was in Nepal first almost a quarter century ago I noticed there were large Tibetan communities around the capital. When I brought up Sino-Nepalese relations with locals I was told to shut the hell up about it. They were neighbors and had to deal with it, they didn't appreciate foreign opinions.
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