Inside Beijing’s Illegal Karaoke Sex Clubs

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Inside Beijing’s Illegal Karaoke Sex Clubs

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by Lucy Andrews
17 July 2019

Photographer Valya Lee spent two months working undercover and taking photos on her phone.

After some time working in the clubs, I developed a standard set of conversation topics and always kept my clients’ glasses topped up. Clients usually wanted girls to drink a lot but we quietly spilled our drinks onto the floor. The clients would then sing, either alone or with me. When they found out that I was Russian they always wanted to sing songs like Katyusha, Moscow Nights, or something from Vita’s repertoire.

This client who was known by everyone at the club suggested I spend the night with him, but I refused. I didn’t think refusing would be a big deal, but my manager really tried to persuade me. “This is a very powerful man, a big boss," he told me. Then he started threatening me, saying “you’re not legal here and I can hand you over to the police if you don’t cooperate.” I was scared but I knew it was a bluff. When he told me he would call the police I said: "well, let's make that call together." At that point he backed off but I decided it was time to finish the project.

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