"My Granny." The 85 year old prostitute.

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"My Granny." The 85 year old prostitute.

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I thought Cambodia had some rough looking prostitutes a few decades past their prime. The UK outdoes Cambodia. She would give the WalkAbout slappers a run for their money though. :shock:
A new documentary airing on the UK’s Channel 4 explores three mature British women who sell sex. How does their job affect their lives, and what compels men to pay for sex with seniors?

They don’t call it “the oldest profession” for nothing.

My Granny the Escort, a new documentary that aired this week on Channel 4 in the UK, aims to demystify “mature escorts”—women over the age of 60 who choose to have sex for money. Directed and narrated by Charlie Russell, the film opens with a chirpy, Kiessling-esque tune, followed by a vague title card that reads “Somewhere in England.” We’re then transported inside a cozy suburban home. A curvy woman, dressed entirely in black, gingerly ambles down the stairs, nearly tripping over the bottom step. This is Beverley, 64. She is a grandmother and a prostitute who operates out of her humble abode. Charlie’s scheduled interview, however, is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of a client 20 years her junior.

“I’d come to find out about Beverley’s life as a ‘mature escort,’” says Charlie, “but I found myself waiting awkwardly in her kitchen as she had sex with a stranger above my head.” The creaking of the bed can be heard through the floorboards and, 20 minutes later, Beverley emerges, giggling.

“How was it,” asks Charlie, 33. “It was very nice, actually!” replies Beverley.

Prostitution is legal in England provided the person selling is 18 or older, and it’s not done in public. And of the estimated 100,000 prostitutes in the United Kingdom, a small—but formidable—percentage of them are classified as “mature.” Over 45 minutes, Charlie’s documentary follows three of these women and examines why a woman in her later years would choose to be a prostitute, as well as what would compel a man his age to pay for the sexual services of a more mature woman.

Beverley’s been an escort for 25 years, currently charging 50£ for a half-hour and 90£ for the full hour. She began because, she says, “my ex-husband left me penniless. He was a gambler, unfortunately, so we literally had nothing. We were living on bread and jam.” When her husband left she was forced to raise the kids on her own and one day, she saw an advert in the paper that said “Escorts Wanted.” She rang them up, expecting to be compensated for, perhaps, accompanying a gentleman to lunch. When the man arrived, he told her they were going to do “the rounds,” and by the end of the day, she’d had sex with eight different men.

“When I got home, my son ran me a bath and that’s when I got upset because I thought, ‘Oh, my God, what have I done?’” says Beverley.

“But then I looked at the money and thought, ‘Well, at least we’re going to eat tonight.’ Once I got over the first day I was fine. I just worked, and worked, and worked. It was just a job at the end of the day.”

“Without their clothes on, they’re usually the vulnerable ones.”

When Charlie asks if it’s dangerous for Beverley to have strangers coming in and out of her home with no security present, she says, “It is… but without their clothes on, they’re usually the vulnerable ones.”

Sophie, a masked woman in her 60s, is the next subject. She’s been working as a prostitute since her late 50s, and lives in the countryside, where it’s easier for her to service her clientele—which include 20-year-old boys, 30-year-old Swedish businessmen, and 80-year-olds—without causing too much fuss. According to the film, she services 100 men a month and works six days a week.

“I’ve never turned anybody away,” she says. “There’s always something to like about people.”


Before her days as a prostitute, the Liverpudlian used to work six-and-a-half days a week at an office and “never really had time” for her own private life. Her husband left her after two years, and she was forced to bring up the children on her own. She says she “didn’t really date” during this period “because I didn’t really feel it was right for [the kids] to have many people in their lives coming or going.” On her youngest son’s 18th birthday, she realized that she wanted her life back.

“I said to him, ‘Happy Birthday! My parental responsibility has endeth,’” she says. These days, she’s lost contact with her children, and keeps all of the relics of her “old life” in a suitcase. “That life doesn’t really happen anymore,” she says, zipping up its contents. “I just moved on and created another one.”

Then, we meet the film’s most curious subject: Sheila Vogel-Coupe. At 85 years young, Sheila has been labeled the oldest prostitute in the UK, and as such, charges upwards of 250£ an hour. She looks like your typical granny—gray hair, wrinkles, dentures—and slowly stumbles about her apartment in a magenta tracksuit. “This is my office,” she says, smiling and pointing to the bed.

“Men, especially young men… they see something about me which is a nice feeling,” says Sheila. “Often, men call me up and they say, ‘Will you please go on talking because you’re turning me on and I have such a wank when I’m talking to you.’” She laughs. “I know I’m very, very sexy.”

Sheila’s been escorting for the past four years, ever since her second husband passed away. But she hasn’t left her flat in the eight weeks since she underwent an operation to have 33 cm of intestines removed. She stumbles over to the bathroom and points to the bathtub. “Sometimes, they come in here, I plop them in the bath, and that’s what they call ‘waters ports’—when I stand on top of them and let them have the golden flow.” She’s determined to recover from her injury and get back to full health so she can continue to service clients in luxurious London hotels. Prior to her operation, she saw approximately 10 clients a week, and despite being out of commission, has several men chasing her via text, begging for her company. “It’ll only take 5, please!” reads one desperate text.

Three years ago, Sheila’s life was turned upside down. She was headed to a local hotel for a job, when all of a sudden the tabloid News of the World caught her, and ran her picture on the cover with the headline, “GUM AND GET IT.” The rag targeted her because her granddaughter, Katie Waissel, was a contestant on the reality singing competition series The X Factor. Sheila has three daughters, three grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren, and none of them knew about her career change until the tabloid leak.

“What happened as a result of it was you’d think I had committed a murder,” says Sheila. “They couldn’t believe I’d do something like that. I told them, ‘What do you think I’ve done?’” She pauses. “Everyone thinks about things differently. I tried very hard to patch it up, but then it got to the point where they wanted me to promise that I’d never ever do it again. I said, ‘Tell them to stuff it up their…’”

We also meet two disguised “punters”—or “johns”—who explain why they repeatedly enlist the services of mature escorts.

“They’re confident. They know their own bodies,” one of them says. “It’s almost, for me, a bit perverse, like ‘Women of that age shouldn’t be doing this.’ That’s different, isn’t it? They’re batting outside what is kind of expected of a grown-up lady and that… that’s naughty.” He adds, “If I compared the experience of a mature lady to that of a younger girl, it’s a contractual interaction, but there feels more value to it and more depth to it. And it isn’t just wham bam thank you ma’am. A mature lady will provide you with the feelings that you’re important—you’re the one—whilst at the same time clearly enjoying it themselves.”

Another carries around a “punter’s bag” with him consisting of cocoa butter, lube, tissues, an ice pack, and a towel. “There are a lot of people who are just awkward and not very outgoing,” he says, “and I think I fall within that broad range of people, and I think it’s great that you can go and see a mature working girl and she will make you, for that one hour, feel great.”

My Granny the Escort concludes with two of the women reaching a crossroads of sorts. Beverley, in her 25 years of escorting, has never had a boyfriend, so she joins a dating site and is determined “to wake up with someone you can cuddle.” As for Sheila, well, she knows her days as an escort are probably numbered, but isn’t ready to hang up her heels just yet. She admits to her eldest daughter, Josie—the only relative that still speaks to her—that she can’t stand being alone. “It’s lovely to still be sexy at my age,” she says, “but I’ve been on my own now for the last eight, nine years, and I do get lonely. I like the companionship of a man, of a gentleman. Whatever may come with it, okay fine, but it is the companionship of being with somebody.”

As for the disguised Sophie, well, she’s resolved to take Sundays off and give herself one day a week to “keep a foot in the real world,” but has no plans of quitting any time soon.

“I will have a boyfriend for an hour, I will have a lover for an hour,” says Sophie. “That’s enough. No dirty socks to wash.” She takes a long pause. “You know, what I do, some people would classify it as ‘immoral,’ but you know? I really love it. And why shouldn’t I be able to do what I want to do? And if people can’t accept it, well, it’s just one of those things.”

...click link to continue reading...

http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2 ... itute.html
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Re: "My Granny." The 85 year old prostitute.

Post by Jaap N. »

Ah well, to each his own and live and let live and all that. Personally I'd prefer a much younger girl, but maybe that's just me.

Quote from the article:
"Then, we meet the film’s most curious subject: Sheila Vogel-Coupe. At 85 years young, Sheila has been labeled the oldest prostitute in the UK, and as such, charges upwards of 250£ an hour. She looks like your typical granny—gray hair, wrinkles, dentures—and slowly stumbles about her apartment in a magenta tracksuit. “This is my office,” she says, smiling and pointing to the bed."
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Re: "My Granny." The 85 year old prostitute.

Post by Joon »

I'm not judging either. I've prowled the Internet long enough to know that people are wired differently and that there is something for everyone.
“You know, what I do, some people would classify it as ‘immoral,’ but you know? I really love it. And why shouldn’t I be able to do what I want to do? And if people can’t accept it, well, it’s just one of those things.”
Kudos on them for having a gracious outlook on life and on their lives.
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Re: "My Granny." The 85 year old prostitute.

Post by OrangeDragon »

why did i click this link.... :-(

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Re: "My Granny." The 85 year old prostitute.

Post by StroppyChops »

You cannot unsee.
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Re: "My Granny." The 85 year old prostitute.

Post by Alex »

StroppyChops wrote:You cannot unsee.
I would love to unsee that golden shower part. :bad:
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Re: "My Granny." The 85 year old prostitute.

Post by StroppyChops »

Alex wrote:
StroppyChops wrote:You cannot unsee.
I would love to unsee that golden shower part. :bad:
That, I chose not to see.
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Re: "My Granny." The 85 year old prostitute.

Post by ali baba »

This man is an inspiration! He's living proof that you're only as old as the one you're feeling.
It is never too late to make some extra money after retiring and Shigeo Tokuda, 79, is the living example to prove that. In Japan, the man is called “king of elderly porn”, as he became the country’s oldest XXX star.

He began his “hot” career at 59 after retiring from his job at a travel agency, as he had nothing to do. Until now, the man born in 1934 had starred in over 350 adult movies.

While he is described as “master of sex”, Tokuda has worked his entire life as a travel agent and is no different to any other regular Japanese man of his age. But now he says he is feeling much healthier, as he is more physically active. He adds that his job makes him feel he is alive.

The man, whose name Shigeo Tokuda is actually the film one, as he does not want to reveal his real identity, has kept his part-time job secret from his family, who pretends it does not know anything about his activity.

However, after becoming a famous character in Japanese adult movies, he also featured a CNN report and thus became famous in the west as well, according to the international press.

Tokuda has a wife, two children and a grandchild. He became not only Japan’s oldest XXX actor, but also a brand.
http://www.tokyotimes.com/retired-man-a ... -xxx-star/
Sex Bomb =@

Here are some Korean honeys.
=@ =@ =@
The Korean grandmothers who sell sex
By Lucy Williamson BBC

Koreans could once be sure that their children would look after them in their old age, but no longer - many of those who worked hard to transform the country's economy find the next generation has other spending priorities. As a result, some elderly women are turning to prostitution.

Kim Eun-ja sits on the steps at Seoul's Jongno-3 subway station, scanning the scene in front of her. The 71-year-old's bright lipstick and shiny red coat stand out against her papery skin.

Beside her is a large bag, from which comes the clink of glass bottles as she shifts on the cold concrete.

Mrs Kim is one of South Korea's "Bacchus Ladies" - older women who make a living by selling tiny bottles of the popular Bacchus energy drink to male customers.

But often that's not all they're selling. At an age when Korean grandmothers are supposed to be venerated as matriarchs, some are selling sex.

"You see those Bacchus Ladies standing over there?" she asks me. "Those ladies sell more than Bacchus. They sometimes go out with the grandpas and earn money from them. But I don't make a living like that.

"Men do proposition me when I'm standing in the alleyway," she adds. "But I always say, 'No.'"

Mrs Kim says she makes about 5,000 Won ($5, or £3) a day selling the drinks. "Drink up fast," she says. "The police are always watching me. They don't differentiate."

The centre of this underground sex trade is a nearby park in the heart of Seoul. Jongmyo Park is a place where elderly men come to while away their sunset years with a little chess and some local gossip.

t's built around a temple to Confucius, whose ideas on venerating elders have shaped Korean culture for centuries. But under the budding trees outside, the fumbling transactions of its elderly men and women tell the real story of Korean society in the 21st Century.

Women in their 50s, 60, even their 70s, stand around the edges of the park, offering drinks to the men. Buy one, and it's the first step in a lonely journey that ends in a cheap motel nearby.

The men in the park are more willing to talk to me than the women.

Standing around a game of Korean chess, a group of grandfathers watch the match intently. About half the men here use the Bacchus Ladies, they say.

"We're men, so we're curious about women," says 60-year-old Mr Kim.

"We have a drink, and slip a bit of money into their hands, and things happen!" he cackles. "Men like to have women around - whether they're old or not, sexually active or not. That's just male psychology."

Another man, 81 years old, excitedly showed me his spending money for the day. "It's for drinking with my friends," he said. "We can find girlfriends here, too - from those women standing over there. They'll ask us to play with them. They say, 'Oh, I don't have any money,' and then they glue on to us. Sex with them costs 20,000 to 30,000 Won (£11-17), but sometimes they'll give you a discount if they know you."

South Korea's grandparents are victims of their country's economic success.

As they worked to create Korea's economic miracle, they invested their savings in the next generation. In a Confucian society, successful children are the best form of pension.

But attitudes here have changed just as fast as living standards, and now many young people say they can't afford to support themselves and their parents in Korea's fast-paced, highly competitive society.

The government, caught out by this rapid change, is scrambling to provide a welfare system that works. In the meantime, the men and women in Jongmyo Park have no savings, no realistic pension, and no family to rely on. They've become invisible - foreigners in their own land.

"Those who rely on their children are stupid," says Mr Kim. "Our generation was submissive to our parents. We respected them. The current generation is more educated and experienced, so they don't listen to us.

"I'm 60 years old and I don't have any money. I can't trust my children to help. They're in deep trouble because they have to start preparing for their old age. Almost all of the old folks here are in the same situation."

Most Bacchus women have only started selling sex later in life, as a result of this new kind of old-age poverty, according to Dr Lee Ho-Sun, who is perhaps the only researcher to have studied them in detail.

One woman she interviewed first turned to prostitution at the age of 68. About 400 women work in the park, she says, all of whom will have been taught as children that respect and honour were worth more than anything.

"One Bacchus woman said to me 'I'm hungry, I don't need respect, I don't need honour, I just want three meals a day," Lee says.

Police, who routinely patrol the area but are rarely able to make an arrest, privately say this problem will never be solved by crackdowns, that senior citizens need an outlet for stress and sexual desire, and that policy needs to change.

But law-enforcement isn't the only problem.

Inside those bags the Bacchus Ladies carry is the source of a hidden epidemic: a special injection supposed to help older men achieve erections - delivered directly into the vein. Dr Lee confirms that the needles aren't disposed of afterwards, but used again - 10 or 20 times.

The results, she says, can be seen in one local survey, which found that almost 40% of the men tested had a sexually transmitted disease¬ despite the fact that some of the most common diseases weren't included in the test. With most sex education classes aimed at teenagers, this has the makings of a real problem. Some local governments have now begun offering sex education clinics especially for seniors.

Hidden in a dingy warren of alleyways in central Seoul, is the place where these lonely journeys end - the narrow corridors of a "love motel" and one of the grey rooms which open off them.

Inside, a large bed takes up most of the space, its thin mattress and single pillow hardly inviting a long night's sleep. On the bed-head is a sticker: for room service press zero; for pornography press three; and if you want the electric blanket, you'll find the wire on the far side of the bed.

So here you have food, sex, and even a little warmth all at the touch of a button. If only it were that simple outside the motel room, in South Korea's rich, hi-tech society.

But for the grandparents who built its fearsome economy, food is expensive, sex is cheap, and human warmth rarely available at any price.
Apparently some of them have hurt themselves whilst performing hand jobs to be careful when your feeling frisky.
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Re: "My Granny." The 85 year old prostitute.

Post by vladimir »

General Mackevili wrote:Image
She looks disturbingly like Hillary Clinton, but obviously younger.
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Re: "My Granny." The 85 year old prostitute.

Post by Garry.Crabtree »

Man-a-live, she's so damn fucking old I was expecting to read that she'll give a hand job for a Werther's Original.
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