Foreign criminals in Denmark sent to deserted island

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Foreign criminals in Denmark sent to deserted island

Post by fax » Tue Dec 04, 2018 10:21 am

Denmark places Scandinavia on the front line yet again by ejecting imported problems to deserted islands. Danish citizens are celebrating the initiative which is expected to restore homogeneity to the local community. Citizens of the Australian town called Denmark are not reportedly worrying. ... -er-en-god
"I can only say that it is a good direction, we are on the way in with this proposal," he says to BT

Finance Minister Kristian Jensen (V) talks Friday after the Finance Bill that criminals who are leaving Denmark from 2019 will be gathered on an island where staff from the Criminal Care Center will be present.

Evald Asp has been a strong advocate for expulsion convictions and people on tolerated stay with rejected asylum seekers at Kærshovedgård were not mixed because it caused insecurity in the community.

"The center is something of a freak. It is very unfortunate that you mix so diverse groups as rejected asylum seekers with expelled criminals who have sentenced their imprisonment and people on a permanent stay. It creates insecurity among the citizens of Bording, because they do not know who they face in the street or in the queue in Facts, " he has previously told BT , adding:

"Is there an expelled criminal or a rejected asylum seeker? There is a world, however, different. It would look something different if Kærshovedgård was only a center for rejected asylum seekers. "

When BT catches him on a phone shortly after the news has been reported by Kristian Jensen, he is therefore happy.

However, he will first see how it works in practice before he judges the outcome as a success.

"I do not want to guess what it's going to mean to the local community here, but as I said, I think this is a good direction," he concludes.
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