Elliot Rodger

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Re: Elliot Rodger

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Virginity and sex weren't his issue. He was good looking enough to be able to score several dates, seriously. But apparently, not with the type of girls he wanted (Slim, pretty, popular blonde girls). It has much more to do with his personality and deranged mind and philosophy. Actually, I would suspect that he was in his own fantasy world and oblivious to the outside world. Most likely, even if a pretty blonde girl had accepted to date him, his psychological troubles would most probably have remained and maybe even worsened as he would have faced the growing pains of romantic relationship.

Things he wrote in his manifesto are quite revealing. This is really a tragic case of shaking head, muttering "if only the police had cuffed him in time."
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Re: Elliot Rodger

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This one made me upset. He reminds me so much of some of my friends. I can relate to his problems but he should have been talking too older guys about his problems. I was prett sexless back in the states and when I would talk to older guys or my father about it they would always cheer me up. Girls back at home are awful and superficial.
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Re: Elliot Rodger

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StroppyChops wrote:Why is there always a manifesto?

You mean, as in, why is there never a "Womanifesto" ? :bad:
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Re: Elliot Rodger

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Not just :bad:, bloody awful. :)
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