Diane Abbots son arrested for Assualting Police

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Diane Abbots son arrested for Assualting Police

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On Tuesday 3rd December Diane Abbott's son, James Abbot Thompson, (a City of London School privately educated and Cambridge graduate - a classic socialist education pathway for Labour's front bench), appeared at Westminster Magistrates' Court on Monday and is accused of spitting at and punching one Police Officer and biting the thumb of another.

James Abbott-Thompson, 28, was arrested on Friday afternoon last week after police were called to the Foreign Office in Westminster, where he used to work.

On Tuesday evening Diane Abbott tried to block publication of the story via her lawyers by threatening The Daily Telegraph.

James Abbott Thompson has enjoyed all the trappings of a well connected mother, (an unofficial Labour Policy).

After 5 years at City of London school (£19,000 a year plus extras - so £25k) he somewhat bizarrely sixth-formed in Ghana (the country of his father's birth) and then managed to win a place at Trinity College, Cambridge, to read law. This is one of the most sought after university places in the UK, and he won this place with his newly minted A-Level equivalent from Ghana. The more cynical among us may well think the reason he chose Ghana is because he had zero chance of getting the 3 x A Grades at A level, being the minimum requirement for Cambridge entry. I'm sure his West African Senior School Certificates were of the highest possible grades!

After Cambridge, Abbott-Thompson got a position in the Foreign Office's Diplomatic Fast Stream in 2014 (how agreeable) and was based in London for two and a half years.

He was then moved to the British Embassy in Rome in 2016 (La Bella Vita!) until June this year, when he went on secondment to consultancy firm HewardMills, which he has since left (that didn't take long).

And then, last Friday, he ends up at the Foreign Office in Whitehall London, gets into a fight with a security officer, assaults him and then assaults, by spitting and biting, two police officers who attended the scene and promptly got arrested.

I suspect, and I'm just speculating here, that he has been fired from his secondment and the FCO don't want him back.

If Labour win the General Election next Thursday 12th December, on Friday 13th ( :shock:) Diane Abbott will be appointed as Home Secretary in charge of the Police and Security services. And prisons too, which might come in handy...

Some links below. Nothing in The Guardian about it though!

https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/courts/s ... spartanntp
https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/20 ... e-foreign/
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