China's Booming "Gutter Oil" Industry is Seriously Gross

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China's Booming "Gutter Oil" Industry is Seriously Gross

Post by Brody »

Slowly poison your fellow countrymen for a quick buck, because, why not? Keeping China great! :thumb:

It's estimated that nearly 10% of China's restaurants - mostly cheap, hole-in-the-wall kind of establishments - are using "gutter oil" to cook their food.

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Re: China's Booming "Gutter Oil" Industry is Seriously Gross

Post by Mishmash »

That was truly gross @Brody

Nearly puked my beer up. Cheers for that!!!
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Re: China's Booming "Gutter Oil" Industry is Seriously Gross

Post by newkidontheblock »

A few years back there was a guy in Taiwan collecting all the used up cooking oil that was thrown away by the various restaurants, combining them and then reselling for a low price. He was so successful that almost all the shops bought from him. He became rich and paranoid of all outside cooked food. Many people got sick and a few even died. Thank goodness they caught him and put him in prison.

This Mainland Chinese scheme sounds much, much worse.
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Re: China's Booming "Gutter Oil" Industry is Seriously Gross

Post by fazur » ... oking-oil/

For safety and quality, use use fresh cooking oil each time you fry. However, if you deep-fry large amounts of food frequently, it is not always practical from an economic standpoint. By choosing oils with a high smoke point, preparing food for minimal contamination of the oil and straining the oil to get out any food particles left over, you can reuse most oils as long as they are properly stored.

Bacteria and Free Radicals
If used oil is not properly strained and stored after it cools, bacteria feeds on food particles left in the oil. Unrefrigerated oil becomes anaerobic and leads to the growth of Clostridium botulinum, which causes botulism, a potentially fatal food poisoning. Refrigerating or freezing oil retards bacterial growth. Rancid -- meaning old and stale -- oil contains free radicals, molecules that can damage cells and lead to increased cancer risk, as well as affect the quality of your food. The good news is that your nose can easily identify rancid oil.

Smoke Point
The smoke point is the temperature at which oil breaks down and begins to smoke. In general, vegetable oils have higher smoke points than animal fats, and refined oils have higher smoke points than unrefined. Each time you use oil, its smoke point drops. The usual deep-frying temperature is 375 degrees Fahrenheit. If oil has a smoke point just above that, its smoke point will be too low to use again. Refined peanut, soybean and safflower oils have high smoke points at 440, 495 and 510 degrees Fahrenheit, respectively. Extra light olive oil has a high smoke point at 468 degrees Fahrnheit, but is usually more expensive. If well-strained, properly stored and not overheated on first use, these oils should be safe to reuse. However, if you detect any smoke from an oil, discard it.

Using Oil with Reuse in Mind
Keep oil at 375 degrees F when deep-frying to allow breading on food to quickly form a shield to keep food from becoming greasy. A hotter temperature can cause breading to burn and contaminate the oil as well as ruin the food. When preheating, heat only to about 390 degrees Fahrenheit. After breading food, let it rest at room temperature for 15 to 20 minutes before cooking. This gives breading time to dry so it will stick to the food rather than come loose in the oil. Avoid adding salt to food before deep-frying, because salt lowers an oil's smoke point. Once oil smokes, it is no longer safe nor desirable to reuse it.

Storing Oil for Reuse
As soon as oil cools enough to handle, strain through layers of cheesecloth, paper towels or coffee filters to remove food particles. Store in a clean glass jar. Never mix it with unused oil. Seal the jar tightly, label it with the date, and refrigerate or freeze for no longer than a month. It may become cloudy in the refrigerator or freezer, but will clear at room temperature. Never reuse oil if it foamed or changed color during heating, or if it has an odd odor or smells like the food you cooked.
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Re: China's Booming "Gutter Oil" Industry is Seriously Gross

Post by Marty »

Their minds are truly in the gutter!
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Re: China's Booming "Gutter Oil" Industry is Seriously Gross

Post by Bitte_Kein_Lexus »

Yet another reason to never go to China.
Ex Bitteeinbit/LexusSchmexus
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Re: China's Booming

Post by WildA »

Bitte_Kein_Lexus wrote: Sun Jan 26, 2020 6:47 pm Yet another reason to never go to China.
China is a house of cards that is going to collapse.
Naturam expelles furca, tamen usque recurret. Horace
Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean they arent out to get you. Pynchon
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Re: China's Booming "Gutter Oil" Industry is Seriously Gross

Post by Kuroneko »

Posted about this a few years ago:
Kuroneko wrote: Thu Jun 11, 2015 11:57 am
wackyjacky wrote:^^^^^ This thread was going all full metal 440, until you're post. Don't hear "let's drop it" much over there. Well, do you think they're using that dreck here or not. My guess is absolutely if it's available.

Seems to be a Hong Kong, Taiwan, China problem mainly. A lot of Khmer cooking uses relatively little oil, and I would suspect its more likely to be found in downmarket Chinese establishments. Evidently products made from the gunk has been sold to 12 countries.

Products made from the tainted oil produced by a company in Taiwan have been sold to 12 countries and territories, including Vietnam, Taiwanese health authorities said last week.

Fourteen food items made from the dirty recycled waste oil, known as ‘gutter oil’ in China and Taiwan, have been exported to the United States, France, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong and mainland China, The Japan Times quoted Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration Deputy Director-General, Chiang Yu-mei, as saying on Friday. ... uthorities


A team of Chinese experts have invented a gutter oil detector, meant to be used by authorities in order to prevent the use of the toxic oil in the food industry. ... -detector/
Kuroneko wrote: Mon Jan 21, 2019 1:30 pm
phuketrichard wrote: Mon Jan 21, 2019 12:57 pm Unreal>>>> prepared
Phnom Penh: Currently, some companies and factories are increasing the production of counterfeit products. Poor standards cause health problems to the lives of Khmer citizens. A medium-sized factory manufacturing ingredients, owned by a Chinese company, with 5 Chinese staff was raided after information of illegal production.
As a result of the inspection, up to 40 fake food products were found As: soy sauce, oil, chicken soup, chicken soup powder, chicken soup powder, vinegar, salted water, as well as seawater, juice. , Fish sauce, etc.
using google translate :beer3:
Hope the oil they produce is not gutter oil 地沟油 :shock:

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