Boris Johnson's Conservatives Win UK Elections by Large Majority

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Re: Boris Johnson's Conservatives Win UK Elections by Large Majority

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the right loonies are about as equally stupid as the left loonies
loonies are loonies. (< full stop)
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Re: Boris Johnson's Conservatives Win UK Elections by Large Majority

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It was interesting that Macron's response to the Tory win was to ask that UK doesn't become an unfair competitor. Despite how little time I have for politics, it was an interesting response from France. I suppose they are worried about Peugeot/Citroen sales in the UK lol.

All that said, many were calling for another "peoples vote". They got it. BoJo campaigned on getting Brexit done. And he won. The £ bounce has been interesting. Starting to get more bang for my buck :)
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Re: Boris Johnson's Conservatives Win UK Elections by Large Majority

Post by AndyKK »

The battle for UK membership of the European Union is lost and the question will not be reopened for 20 years, Europhile former deputy prime minister Michael Heseltine has said. These are the words of the Lord who lost the Tory whip, after urging people to vote against Conservatives to stop Brexit when the counties majority had voted to leave, there too has been many other politicians whom have carried on with this so called plot against the will of the peoples vote, in their aim of trying to sway the minds of the people towards the remain list, this, when the vote had been made by the majority for leaving the EU. Although it will reflect in the overall spending cost to the country and its people, with the unnecessary time and expenses to end up at the same result. It could be said that this is pure democracy.
Now is the time to exit and of course work towards the better deal in the leaving. There will now be many questions and concerns of business and trade, and also thoughts of the number of our countrymen, approximately 1.3 million that live and work in Europe, that must be a large consideration, coming to a good leaving agreement that will still benefit these expats in their overseas lives, It is possible it could become more difficult for new expats to find work in the sunny climate of places like Spain. Ireland and France too being popular places, years past British people have taken advantage in these countries, in having the rights to free movement and employment. Expats own property and businesses in Europe, hopefully their likelihood is that they'll be able to continue to do so.
Under Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union, Britain has two years to arrange new deals with EU member states, if the better deal is not sort working in the EU could become more difficult for expats, with the likes of host countries asking them to comply with more restrictive rules, such being when it comes to permits and setting up businesses. They may lose their automatic right to work within the EU area and be asked to apply for Blue Cards.
We could also look upon the three million EU nationals living and working in the UK how will they be affected, and their personal finances. The biggest group of Europeans living here are Poles, followed by Irish nationals and then Germans.
Recently, Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said nothing would change for Britons in Spain while an exit was being negotiated - they would have the same rights they have enjoyed until now as EU citizens.
Let’s hope talks and negotiations fair better than, the vote after the leave had taken place, I see democracy as one way, but here see just the Politics for one’s possible personal gain.

This article was interesting in the point of trade and politics -

Also not moving far away from this subject. The government of Cambodia said it expects the European Commission to consider its efforts to comply with the “Everything but Arms” (EBA) regulations and the impact on one million workers should access to the agreement be suspended in February.

Prime Minister HE on Wednesday said Cambodia was looking at the UK leaving the EU as it imported more of the Kingdom’s products than any other European country.
He said the UK had promised to continue supporting Cambodian exports to Britain after the nation left the EU.

However, Sam Rainsy, the “acting president” of the Supreme Court-dissolved Cambodia National Rescue Party said the British people were on Thursday again voting to decide on Brexit. He said Cambodians also wanted to have genuine elections as in the UK.
“Cambodians want to be able to vote and determine their future in the same way that British people can. Therefore, I call on Britain to refrain from allowing Cambodia free-trade access after Brexit. ... rts-impact

With the UK being the second largest textile buyers after the USA the EU could have been seen to jeopardise their ongoing and tomorrow’s good trading with Cambodia. For a politician to act on Facebook with remarks of Brexit. I think he is certainly blinked in his views on the subject. Calling Britain to refrain will only harm the people of Cambodia has will the withdrawal of the EBA.
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