Booming regional meth industry – Thailand, Myanmar, China and Laos

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Booming regional meth industry – Thailand, Myanmar, China and Laos

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Seems the Shan and United Wa state army are the leaders in producing Yaba to keep financing their war with the goverment.
A UN Drugs and Crime report released this year states that the methamphetamine trade is now worth a staggering US$30-61 billion per year in East and South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Bangladesh.

Routinely, seizures of truckloads of 1-5 million meth pills are intercepted then paraded by Thai police. But the biggest drug haul was in 2018 when authorities seized a record-breaking 120 tonnes of crystal meth and methamphetamine pills coming out of the Golden Triangle. More than half of the busts took place in Thailand, where authorities confiscated more than 515 million meth pills. ... a-and-laos
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