No Americans were harmed by Iran's missile attack, Trump says

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No Americans were harmed by Iran's missile attack, Trump says

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His statement above came out Jan 8th.
"The American people should be extremely and happy," Trump stated in an address to the nation from the White House on Wednesday. "No Americans were harmed in last night's attack by the Iranian regime. We suffered no casualties. All of our soldiers are safe and only minimal damage was sustained at our military bases.
so he tells us all is good, no problems

34 Troops Have Brain Injuries From Iranian Missile Strike, Pentagon Says
American service members have traumatic brain injuries from Iranian airstrikes on Al Asad Air Base in Iraq, contradicting President Trump’s dismissal of injuries among American troops this week.

A Pentagon spokesman, Jonathan Hoffman, told a news conference that eight of the affected service members have returned to the United States from an American military hospital in Germany.

On Wednesday, Mr. Trump dismissed concussion symptoms felt by the troops as “not very serious,” even as the Pentagon acknowledged that a number of American service members were being studied for possible traumatic brain injury caused by the attack.

“I heard they had headaches,” Mr. Trump said at a news conference in Davos, Switzerland. “I don’t consider them very serious injuries relative to other injuries I have seen.” ... Hgga39uPOI

How can Americans trust/believe ANYTHING he ever says??
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