Shit thats a gas

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Re: Shit thats a gas

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Anchor Moy wrote:Very cool project :
NBP, a government owned programme initiated by the Cambodian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, markets locally produced domestic biodigesters to rural farmers. The biodigester converts manure into biogas, a clean and convenient cooking and lighting fuel, which eliminates the need to use non-renewable fuels such as wood and charcoal. The overall objective of the phase 1 (2006-2012) of the Programme is the dissemination of domestic biodigesters as an indigenous, sustainable energy source through the development of a commercial, market oriented, biodigester sector in selected provinces of Cambodia. From 2006 until December 2012, the programme as significantly achieved biodigester construction 19,173 units with 100,000 direct beneficiaries. In the new era of progamme, the overall objective in phase 2 (2013-2016) is the establishment of a self-sustaining, market driven national domestic biodigester sector.
Suppose this is the machine that transforms the dung to gaz ? Just cow dung, or any animal dung works ? (What about dogshit ?)

That '' machine '' as you call it, is called a digester, and although I cannot tell because it is not completed yet, it appears to be of the continuous feed type. The amount of feed you put in will push out the same amount of waste.
I'm pretty sure that if you could find enough dogs hit , it to would produce gas.

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