Raised beds and soil

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Re: Raised beds and soil

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giblet wrote:Vaguely...
On the off chance you're not being sarcastic you might want to research that, they're a pretty big tree.
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Re: Raised beds and soil

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If you are going to make raised beds...............should'nt you make them high enough so you are not stooping over?
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Re: Raised beds and soil

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From what I have seen a lot of the soil is like clay, hard and dense. I would work rice hull it the soil to loosen it up along with the compost, worms etc
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Re: Raised beds and soil

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giblet wrote:My garden appears to be inhospitable terrain, but I'm determined to conquer it. I'm thinking of making some raised beds. Anyone done this? Any tips?

Once I make them, I have no idea what to put in them. The dirt here is clay and sand. Can I buy something better?
The eastest way is to buy for $8 a shot a prefabricated concrete circular drainage ring. You see them everywhere for sale if you look 1 meter in diameter. Plants do well in them in in heavy flooding
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Re: Raised beds and soil

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Tomatoes and bush tomatoes (bushmaster) grow well here but they need rich soil and a protected, sunny place. Better wait till after the rainy season. In November and December you could buy that little mandarins. You can grow the plant from the seeds (no problem, these are no hybrids). Mandarin trees take about 6 to 7 years to bear fruit but they are beautiful. You also could try chives (Khmer translation here: http://www.english-khmer.com/index.php? ... word=chive
otherwise difficult to find. It is highly aromatic and the plant looks good in any garden).
Picture here: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-x_sUes5fjqE/T ... prasum.jpg

Whatever you plant, always grow some garlic between the plants, that keeps efficiently the pest away. BTW. an efficient, cheap and natural pesticide is nicotine - just brew a tea out of 2 boxes of cigarettes and spray it on the leaves (DO NOT DRINK IT, MAKE SURE THAT CHILDREN AND ANIMALS HAVE NO ACCESS - that's a serious neurotoxin !!!!)
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Re: Raised beds and soil

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Mix gypsum into clay soil to help break it up. I used to do this with Adelaide's clay soil. I knew of one guy who used crushed gyprock (drywall) instead. Must have been a Scotsman.

Just noticed a website disputing it though. I guess you could find a website disputing anything you chose.

Mix in as much compost and composted bird poo as you can and try to get the worms in. If you kept the moisture up all year round in Adelaide the worms would find you. Spose it's the same here. I had mine bordered by timber railway sleepers.

One other thing I realised was if you were planting a tree you had to break the ground up quite deeply underneath before you planted it to ensure it got a good chance of root growth, otherwise you ended up with some really stunted trees.
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