Many Dead Chickens are Medical Experts (bird flu)

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Many Dead Chickens are Medical Experts (bird flu)

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LoL, that's the title Google Translate gave me, so I'm deciding to keep it.



Google Translate:

Kampong Cham: bird flu (H5N1) were SEE that occur almost anywhere in the country Cambodia has spread from animals to humans causes many people died, most as a child.

Obviously people's home village 3 field Kampong Cham pot chicken head dies subsequent medical expert burn and bury in the morning of 17 July 2014 to avoid getting infected with bird flu.

Heng Bunrouen 45 host says in the evening on July 16, he returned from work units existing hen and 2 hips head dies in chicken breeding cage, he immediately did not take any further waiting tracking.

Bunthoeun told that unless until the morning of July 17, unknown reason, the child suddenly dead chickens in cages and cages further 4 heads. As such, he has a great concern suspected bird flu outbreak could pose a risk to members of his family, he had reported to Mr. Meng Heang head office production control treatment with a colleague is dead chickens and live large or small, a total of 16 heads and eggs 13 burn pits and spray types TH4 disinfected buried in pits safety. link to read the original and see more pictures...
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Re: Many Dead Chickens are Medical Experts (bird flu)

Post by giblet »

Yikes. Better keep my flock away from those Kampong Cham chickens.
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Re: Many Dead Chickens are Medical Experts (bird flu)

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Anyone going to have a go at translating that translation? The four heads thing throws me...
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