Battambang Prosecutor Started Farming Wild Boar

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Re: Battambang Prosecutor Started Farming Wild Boar

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Duncan wrote: Sat Nov 02, 2019 2:32 pm Here is some more New Age Crap,,,, Did you know potatoes dug up by hand taste better that those dug up by a harvesting machine cause we all know plants have feelings and those potatoes dug by hand go through less stress so taste much sweeter.
Because potatoes were brought to earth by aliens who landed at Nazca in Peru; and, the harmonic vibrations governing the cosmos are out of sync due my past carnivorous transgressions, I am willing to pay 500% more for organic, Ayurvedic potatoes harvested by a stoner with a 'man bun'... if they were planted at the equinox next to a crystal that has been energized under a pyramid.

Is this yogurt gluten free? :?
You could be next.
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