Banteay Neang Mountain Attracts Flocks of Birds

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Banteay Neang Mountain Attracts Flocks of Birds

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Cambodia News (Banteay Meanchey): Millions (sic) of birds have flown to nest on a farm on Banteay Neang mountain at the border between Banteay commune and Reusey Krok commune, in Monkul Borey, Banteay Meanchey. Local people think that the mountain attracts the birds who came to live there.

The local people said every year there were many birds came to the mountain in October and November, but there are even more this year. It was strange that there were many birds come to the mountain in Banteay Meanchey. In the morning, the birds leave to look for food; the local people like to see all the birds flying back to the mountain when the sun is setting.

Mrs. Chor Thavy, the farm owner, used to have a brick kiln there before, and there were a lot of trees on the farm. Now, the farm has became a home for many birds, and she is very happy about that, and she has requested the authority to protect those birds from hunters and trappers.
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