Avocado trees

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Re: Avocado trees

Post by Tim Linkinwater »

How long before they fruit?

I guess plant them at the end of the wet season?
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Re: Avocado trees

Post by Rama »

JBTrain wrote:
Rama wrote:
Duncan wrote:Rama, please take the credit, You may be right. I don't have one of those fuckin dictionaries so I think I'm wrong.
No. Let's wait for Joon.
Would actually like to know if it's beurre for butter or if I'm just saying a word that is vaguely similar and everyone's too polite to correct me. Beurre makes sense in that Avocado is creamy and posh European folk spread it on toast.

BTW as a very amateur flower pot gardener I'm impressed by your horticulture knowledge.
My staff confirms same word, avocado is "fruit butter".
Thanks JBTrain.
Butter fruit it is. 'Buerre'
We've all hopefully learnt a new Khmer word there. Image
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Re: Avocado trees

Post by Bitte_Kein_Lexus »

Thanks all. For the record, I've also always said: "plai beurre" assuming it was called that after the French brought them over. Eact same pronunciation as regular "beurre" (for popcorn, sandwiches etc). Makes sense after all.
giblet wrote:There's a woman who posts on CPN about once a month selling avocado plants. She says you can even grow them in pots. I'm happy to PM you her details if you're interested.
Yeah, I'd definately like to get her contact info. After some internet reading it seems like it's easy to grow them from seeds, but making them root on land it more difficult and it can take years before they fruit (some even never bear fruit!). Must be a reason they're not grown in the lowlands: probably impossible to sustain them.
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Re: Avocado trees

Post by HotRecruiter »

Some strains take 2-3 years, others 7 years to bear fruit.

Yes, the correct way to say avocado is to use the identifier, plai, which means fruit, and beurre.

'Plai beurre,' but some locals just shorten it to 'beurre,' because we know they're not talking about butter...
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Re: Avocado trees

Post by Joon »

The Cambodian name for avocado "phlay beurre" is actually coming from the French word "beurre" that means "butter", because the avocado flesh has a creamy, buttery texture (and maybe the flavor a bit too).
Cambodians use the word "beurre" from French to indicate butter.

អាវ៉ូកាត៍ / aavookaa is actually the French word "avocat" that is the name for "avocado" but it also means "lawyer" (don't ask me why! French is just weird and complicated.) But indeed, Cambodians don't use that word and have no idea what it is if you ask the young ones.
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