My Village Wedding

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Re: My Village Wedding

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Singsling wrote: Mon Dec 16, 2019 12:25 pm Censorship here is pretty bad. I posted something about being grateful not being shown any dick pic in this good thread, unlike in a previous, tedious marriage report by a poster I didn't name. That part of my post was zapped. It was not even insulting it was meant to be slightly funny.

It starts to feel like in China, don't say a word that may offend. Getting too PC to my taste.
OK, first of all my apologies for not notifying you of an edit to your original post and not replying sooner to your queries. I usually notify members however where it is minor or obvious why it was edited I do not always feel it is necessary. It’s hard at times keeping up with issues that arise as a mod (and we have a lives outside of CEO too) so we are not always able to respond quickly or always have the luxury of fully explaining our calls.

I'd rather this good topic was not derailed with a discussion about CEO censorship but since you’ve raised these claims here and some members have seen it, I will respond..

1. Despite you not naming the other member directly, it is clear to any regular member here who you are referring to. And the member himself.
2. You name called the said member with a derogatory term. I know you are a relatively new member but we don’t condone name calling of other members on CEO.
3. You denigrated the other member’s topic with your negative assessment. Seems to me if another member has taken the initiative and made the effort to share his account of his wedding, then it is not really cool to poo poo it on another topic. If you don’t like a topic, ignore it or move on to one you like rather than call the OP out on it.
4. Why are you even comparing one member’s account of his wedding with another’s? It’s not a pissing contest and there’s no need to out the other member in this context.
5. If it was meant to be slightly funny, sorry I see it as insulting to the other member imo. Needless to say the member that you refer to has every right to also feel insulted imo.

As I said before, it’s not fair to derail the OP’s topic…hence I’ve also cleaned up some associated posts. PM me or the other mods. Thanks.
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Re: My Village Wedding

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Thank you for the fantastic pics @Anthony's Weiner and well written piece.

All my family and friends wish you the very best life for both now and the future - we are so proud of you.
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