Victory on the Upper Mekong

Thailand is Cambodia's neighbor to the West, and this forum is dedicated to Thai news, stories, reviews, blogs, videos, Thai people and anything else related to the country. A lot of expats have both lived and worked in Cambodia and Thailand, and this area is a place to discuss all aspects of life in Thailand and what's going on there. Most topics are about Bangkok and Pattaya because of their larger populations of expatriates and tourists in those cities, but this is for all things Thai.
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Victory on the Upper Mekong

Post by phuketrichard »

Thai Cabinet Terminates Rapids Blasting Project
one for the good guys!!
In a momentous win for the Mekong River, this week the Thai Cabinet formally called for cancellation of the Lancang-Mekong Navigation Channel Improvement Project, popularly known as the Mekong “rapids-blasting” project.The cabinet decision is the culmination of decades of campaigning by Thai Mekong communities and civil society groups, aided by environmentalists, who have worked tirelessly to raise concerns over the China-led project and the future it would represent for the Mekong. ... rbLH3glpuc
In a nation run by swine, all pigs are upward-mobile and the rest of us are fucked until we can put our acts together: not necessarily to win, but mainly to keep from losing completely. HST
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Re: Victory on the Upper Mekong

Post by SternAAlbifrons »

"the good guys"

You mean those commie, tree hugging, godless pagan, environmental activists who have been illegally protesting and trying to destroy the economy for decades.
Jesus, soon they will be trying to introduce clean air standards, national parks and the protection of man-eating wild animals.

Fuckinn' trash. where's Monsanto going to dump its waste if not at the beach? Huh huh?
Try and stop me stashing my nuclear waste problem in a 44 gallon drum until the grandkids learn to deal with the problem and i'll fuckinn' waste you.

(try copping that spat at you every single day of your life for trying to make the earth a better living room
-including here not infrequently)
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