Thaksin tells supporters to give Prayuth govt chance

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Thaksin tells supporters to give Prayuth govt chance

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has Tkaksin and the military come to an "understanding"?
rumors are around that he has been in talks with the army ( and after his sisters visit) that he has shifted his angry away from them.
I wonder why???

Army; " hey lighten up on us"
Thaksin; "why"
Army; " well if u do, perhaps we will see about getting charges dropped an you can come home"

Or is he just buying time and waiting to see how many toes and feet the army will shoot off itself? and than he can come in, via his family, an save the country (again). :plus1:

BANGKOK: -- Former prime minister Thaksin Shinawtra told leading Pheu Thai party members not to disrupt the country administration by the interim government of PM-elect Prayuth Chan-ocha, a Pheu Thai source said.

Thaksin met his supporters when he went to Hong Kong to join the birthday celebration of his daughter, Paethongtan Shinawatra, on Thursday.

Thaksin told the Pheu Thai members to support the government and give it a chance to run the country to the full efforts, the source said. ... 41545.html
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Re: Thaksin tells supporters to give Prayuth govt chance

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