Thailand’s secret story: the battle for a $37b royal estate

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Re: Thailand’s secret story: the battle for a $37b royal est

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After many decades the story I've gotten is this, true or false, I don't know. The last King backed the Japs in WWII, but there was a faction of Thai military/Navy that actually waged limited war on the Japs. (I've been to a monument with an ex-Admiral of the Thai navy to the Thai navy people that staged a naval battle against the japs.) BTW/ US B-24s flying out of India bombed Bangkok during WWII.
Fearing negative future relations with the west and the US, a Thai general shot the king in his bed. Two or three servants took the fall and lost their heads. If this was sanctioned by the present king or even took place, I have no evidence, but this is the story I got from a source that was alive at the time and a high military leader.
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Re: Thailand’s secret story: the battle for a $37b royal est

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he was found shot dead in his bed. Although at first thought to have been an accident, medical examiners ruled it a murder and three royal pages were later executed following very irregular trials. The mysterious circumstances surrounding his death have been the subject of much controversy.

ad thats all i can say on that

In 1935 King Pradhipok abdicated the throne, following disagreements with the increasingly authoritarian government. Rama VII lived in exile in the United Kingdom until his death. The king was replaced by his young nephew Ananda Mahidol (or Rama VIII). The new king was 10 years old and was living abroad in Switzerland; a council of regents was appointed in his place. During this period the roles and powers of the King were entirely usurped by the fascist government of Plaek Phibunsongkhram, who aligned Siam on the side of the Axis powers during the Second World War. By the end of the war Phibunsongkhram was removed and the young King returned. During the War many of the King's relatives were part of the Free Thai movement, which provided resistance to foreign occupation during the war and helped rehabilitate Thailand after the war.
the future>>>>>

god only knows
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