Thai government condemned

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Re: Thai government condemned

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Can we surmise only candidates permitted by the junta will be eligible to run in the free and fair election to come? You keep blathering on about how the vast majority of the population agrees with you and the coup. That is a boldface lie.
I speak Thai. I read and write Thai. I live most of the year in the rice growing areas of the Northeast, not on some tourist enclave. You don't speak for any Thai people I meet. They would be happy to tell you themselves how they feel about the coup, but the junta has closed down all their media outlets. You have already pathetically dismissed them as corrupt red shirts in previous posts. You are talking out of your ass and it's getting old.
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Re: Thai government condemned

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" the military authorities have moved to stifle all dissent in the country, arresting people for the smallest signs of defiance".

Here's a news vid of them arresting people in Bkk for reading a book and wearing an T shirt they didn't like.
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Re: Thai government condemned

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this ( at least for me) rings true
Cronyism is one of the key factors that brought down the otherwise efficient and politically savvy regime of former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, people with inside knowledge of the administration...

During his televised address last week, coup leader Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha touched on the topic. He said the ongoing transfer of the senior officials was being done for “appropriateness”.

The coup leader hit the nail on the head when he said the seemingly wholesale transfer of top-level officials does not mean the junta is replacing one interest group with another.

He said it’s necessary for the junta to remove the heads of some government units as it seeks to unearth corruption and conflicts of interest. He also asked for understanding saying it is difficult to to find officials who are not linked to any past governments to do these tasks. But Gen Prayuth’s most important point was his last one. He said the junta is trying to rebuild the bureaucracy so it can be a strong force producing good work for the King and country. ... -patronage

so far they have done mostly good an i am hoping the good will continue
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