A run in with Bangkok cops. One guy's story.

Thailand is Cambodia's neighbor to the West, and this forum is dedicated to Thai news, stories, reviews, blogs, videos, Thai people and anything else related to the country. A lot of expats have both lived and worked in Cambodia and Thailand, and this area is a place to discuss all aspects of life in Thailand and what's going on there. Most topics are about Bangkok and Pattaya because of their larger populations of expatriates and tourists in those cities, but this is for all things Thai.
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A run in with Bangkok cops. One guy's story.

Post by Kung-fu Hillbilly » Sat Jul 20, 2019 6:09 pm

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Written by Anonymous
July 8th, 2019

He said 50k baht. To which I laughed and said “I no big money farang”, he then lowered it to 10K baht. I said ok.

" Then I feel someone grab my left shoulder from behind to try and get me to turn around. Upon turning around, I immediately snatched this person by the collar with both hands and shook him around like a rag doll."

"They found a popper which I had bought earlier that evening as a Thai woman had introduced these to me and I liked taking a sniff while getting a blowjob."

"I walked to 7/11 and got a can of Coca Cola and sat down on the curb, processing this in my drunken stupor.I decided I wasn’t going to pay them anything as in my mind they had assaulted me first."

Full https://www.stickmanbangkok.com/readers ... ok-police/
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Re: A run in with Bangkok cops. One guy's story.

Post by Ghostwriter » Sat Jul 20, 2019 6:40 pm

Good to read some hopeful stories. I guess the cops on a good mood were just releasing the relaxed cow that wasn't obviously full of milk,
I've been let go without paying a few times myself, it's just a matter of attitude and how to play on it.

Either speak their language, either speak a language they cannot understand, but no english. Middle ground in speak, middle ground in cash.
Nevermind, i'm not here anyway.
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