Junta to build their own "Facebook"

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Junta to build their own "Facebook"

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The ICT Ministry will propose a plan to build state-owned Facebook-like social networking site called Thailand Social Network.

Surachai Srisarakam, permanent secretary of the ICT Ministry, said the Thailand Social Network is part of the ministry’s plan to build the country’s digital infrastructure, called “Smart Thailand,” according to Matichon Online.

The plan includes building the state-owned nation Internet gateway and creating the nation’s social network site, in order to increase the efficiency of the authorities’ censorship.
Whole story: http://prachatai.org/english/node/4076
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Re: Junta to build their own "Facebook"

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Shades of North Korea, there.
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Re: Junta to build their own "Facebook"

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^ and China.
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Re: Junta to build their own "Facebook"

Post by phuketrichard »

Control what people read an see and hear and you can control what they think as well;

he Information and Communication Technology Ministry plans to create a national networking site called "Thailand Social Network," and a national internet gateway to decrease the “abuse” of the internet.

The ruling junta has made this an “urgent” priority to control content online and combat “provocative” information.

The ministry is planning the "National Digital Internet Gateway" and “Thailand Social Network," to “ensure safety” for Thai users and crack down on “improper” use of the internet. The projects are expected to finish within two months, according to Surachai Srisarakam, ministry secretary-general.

The national gateway is a policy by the military regime to monitor the country’s internet usage and track down provocative and inappropriate contents, Surachai said.
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Re: Junta to build their own "Facebook"

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Only if they signup for it.
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Re: Junta to build their own "Facebook"

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no way it works...
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