No happy ending after this massage

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No happy ending after this massage

Post by Soi Dog » wrote:Young German drugged and robbed at Central Pattaya Apartment
Posted on July 1, 2014 at 5:50 am

Police and medics were called to a Central Pattaya apartment complex on Monday afternoon to investigate reports of a 20 year old German tourist who had reportedly been drugged and robbed by two women who were staying in a neighboring room.

Lying on the bed inside the 2nd floor room at the Jasmine Villa Apartments in Soi Buakhao was Mr. Laszlo Kolberg. He had earlier summoned assistance from others staying at the apartments.

His room had been ransacked and the room safe had been emptied of 10,000 Baht and a mobile phone. The suspects were two women who had checked-in two days before Mr. Kolberg and were staying in the room next to him. One of the suspects was named as Khun Wongduan aged 33 who used her Thai ID card upon check-in.

The victim claimed that the women had earlier knocked on his door and offered him a massage inside his room for free. Mr. Kolberg accepted the offer and invited the women inside his room. Before the massage took place Mr. Kolberg was offered a glass of Coke which he consumed. Moments later he fell unconscious and was reportedly robbed by the two women who then checked-out of the apartment complex.

CCTV is currently being analyzed by Police as they hunt for the two women.

- See more at: ... 6oC9i.dpuf
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Re: No happy ending after this massage

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As easy as taking candy from a baby.
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Re: No happy ending after this massage

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If the fool didn't have the sense to be wary of a free massage offer at his door and even drank the koolaid, he deserved it. What, did he honestly think it was a legitimate offer based on his good looks or sheer awesome barangness?
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Re: No happy ending after this massage

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