Free handouts of cannabis oil in Bangkok

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Free handouts of cannabis oil in Bangkok

Post by phuketrichard »

Although i doubt any farangs will receive free handouts anytime soon, its a dam good start
Thais seeking relief from cancer, insomnia, muscle pain and other ailments line up for free samples

A medical clinic in Bangkok opened Monday offering free cannabis oil to hundreds of Thais seeking relief from cancer, insomnia and muscle pain as the government drives home the economic and health benefits of their gamble on marijuana.

Thailand in 2018 became the first country in Southeast Asia to legalize medical marijuana, although many Thais have long used the herb in traditional medicine.

The government is eager to harvest the multi-billion-dollar potential of weed, investing in tech to extract, distill and market cannabis oils.
Recreational use and trade of marijuana is still illegal and could land anyone caught with a joint with severe penalties of up to 10 years in prison. ... n-bangkok/
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Re: Free handouts of cannabis oil in Bangkok

Post by yong »

I prefer to make my own.
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Re: Free handouts of cannabis oil in Bangkok

Post by xandreu »

I 100% agree with using cannabis (or rather the THC derivative of it) as a medicinal drug.

While it clearly doesn’t cure anything, when it comes to managing the symptoms of many, many diseases and illnesses which can’t be cured, it is a wonder drug. If I suffered from Parkinson’s disease, was prone to epileptic fits, or suffered from chronic pain which doctors couldn’t diagnose, I’d be pretty pissed off knowing that there was a drug that could greatly improve my standard of living but was being prohibited by the government.

I haven’t smoked pot for 30 odd years, but even back then, people knew of the medicinal benefits of pot. I personally knew people who smoked (or ingested it in other ways) not because they wanted to get high, but because it alleviated the often-terrible symptoms of illnesses or diseases they were suffering from.

It’s strange that it’s only now that governments are starting to relax the laws surrounding cannabis and its uses. I have always believed, and still do, that as a recreational drug, it can be incredibly damaging to some people. Most people who enjoy a spliff get nothing but pleasure from it. It relaxes and calms them and does little to no harm to them or others whatsoever, but there are some people with certain mental illnesses / mental states that is made a lot worse by using cannabis as a recreational drug. But you could say the same for all drugs.

I’m glad that governments are finally starting to come around to acknowledging the positive benefits of cannabis, especially in a medical capacity. Thailand (of all the countries in the world, who’dathunk it would be Thailand) seems to be leading the way in this. My country, the UK, still can’t make it’s mind up, despite several high-profile cases being made in the media, in support of using cannabis as a medicinal aid. One involving a young boy with epilepsy (if I remember right) who’s mother has fought the government through the courts in order to allow her son to get access to the only drug that alleviates her sons’ symptoms.

Putting the recreational aspect of it to one side, if it alleviates symptoms of often horrific and life debilitating illnesses and diseases, wouldn’t it be nothing but cruel to deny people access to a drug which alleviates them of it?
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