“Drive slowly if drunk” sign; Reducing Accidents in Thailand ?

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“Drive slowly if drunk” sign; Reducing Accidents in Thailand ?

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“Drive slowly if drunk” – New Year Thai road sign stuns the Japanese
Japanese media were laughing at Thailand yesterday after ANN News broadcast a picture of a Thai road sign that said: Mao Khap Cha-chaa – If you’re drunk, drive slowly.

Japan has very strict drink driving laws while Thailand is sometimes seen as a joke in this regard, notes Thaivisa.

The media claimed to have confronted officials in Nakorn Ratchasima about it only to be told that it was impossible to stop DUI – so they were just appealing for drunks to drive slowly at New Year.

Sanook reported on the story with part of a headline that stated “Media from the land of sushi absolutely confused”.

They pointed out that Thailand does not allow drink driving.
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Re: “Drive slowly if drunk” sign; Reducing Accidents in Thailand ?

Post by pczz »

This is a true conversation i had with a drunk thai officer about 6 years ago
Me " why do you drive home drunk"
Him "If Buddha wants me to have an accident then the accident will happen whether I am drunk or not. It hurts less if i am drunk"
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Re: “Drive slowly if drunk” sign; Reducing Accidents in Thailand ?

Post by Jamie_Lambo »

seen these signs around my lil thai neighbourhood, made me laugh too
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Re: “Drive slowly if drunk” sign; Reducing Accidents in Thailand ?

Post by BR549 »

How about a sign in Thailand that reads.
Drunk drivers stay to the right?
It is like my friend in Koh Samui telling me I only had to wear my helmet during the day because the police did not care at night.
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