Will iPhones be "Officially" Sold in Cambodia Soon?

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Will iPhones be "Officially" Sold in Cambodia Soon?

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I'm guessing it won't happen. Seems they have requirements that need to be met in order to sell them officially, and I'm guessing they might not meet them.... Also, I thought iOne already sold them officially, so I think they are talking about a wireless carrier, like Beeline, Metphone, CellCard/Mobitel, QB, Smart, etc..


In recent days, the last of this rumor from mouth to mouth in almost everywhere, especially in the stores, mobile phone companies and private institutions, as well as at universities, etc. with them took Loy word phone iPhone can and the presence of a company which granted the right to import and distribute the official daily in Cambodia such countries other forthcoming shortly.

Customers who use all her pleasant and very welcome news rumors above, they hope that it is authentic and reliable information.

With stories of excitement this customer all can subscribe product cell phones jet, which previously never had company offers insurance, such as network branded phone other then that this show that it is opening a new chapter, another for the arrival official of the carrier phone iPhone for users of smartphones in Cambodia.

In rumors above are they mentioned that the phone iPhone in Cambodia is a model that is consumer users are more popular and O value it greatly and when a launch models each time it has split the nhrcho and worth the price of the most Moreover, it is ordered in advance as well.

The date is yet to have any company that meet the requirements as well as have legal rights in the import model iPhone this to Cambodian market yet, most of the product phone iPhone, which has a presence in the market so far so far is being imported by the sex leads phone from the black market only. But for Apple model other such devices iPad device plays music iPod computer Lemuel hand and on the table brand Apple are big and have legal rights and imported and distributed officially in Cambodia joint, and even center service to receive from the company Apple as well. Companies that are firm iOne.

By the expression attention from those who have spoken tales is that they revealed to how the if companies that meet the requirements as well as have legal rights in importing mobile iPhone this officially to the Cambodian market that is iOne is better because a company is experienced success for several years, with import products Apple several categories including devices iPad device plays music iPod computer Lemuel hand and on the table brand Apple as well as Accessories some to Cambodian market. Especially this company has 5 branches in the country, which are the sales and customer sometimes all in the country. Previously iOne is very popular and supported by customers, product brand Apple.

http://www.dap-news.com/2011-06-14-02-3 ... hone-.html
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