What makes a Kick Ass games centre?

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Re: What makes a Kick Ass games centre?

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Asian kids play an entirely different set of games than Western kids. Asians seem to be into online strategy games, some of which don't get noticed back in the West. The kids here are playing League of Legends and DoTA still. Google it. They are not rocking out Call of Duty or Battlefield 4 on those PCs. Not their cup of tea, it appears.

I have been a huge gamer ( PC and PS3) my entire life. I still game on my laptop to this day ( Fallout New Vegas, Skyrim, Battlefield 4)

When I was a PC gamer, I would have taken 720p on a 25inch monitor ANY DAY over some washed out 480p projection blasted on some mid range screen. ( I noticed the discussion about projectors earlier) Yes, you can get 1080p projectors with badass white screens today.....but you are going to pay for it.

Wii???? PS3??? The kids want PCs, not Wii. Will they play the shit out of a PS3 or Wii? Of course? If they had a choice between a PS3, Xbox360, Wii or a PC... I think they would pic a PC every time.

If you are thinking of opening a gaming center ( horrible business idea at the time, my 2 cents) then go with PCs.... you can always supplement the main PC floor with a side area with a couch and like a 40 inch LED screen that is connected to a console system.

The old gaming center I used to go to back in the States had about 30 high end PCs and 2, 42 inch LCD TVs hooked up to a PS3 and an Xbox 360, respectively.

The hardest part about opening a gaming center here is understand how different the wants and needs in terms of game genres are between western and asian kids.

Asian= Starcraft, Western= Call of Duty ( First Person Shooters)
I'll give ya 500 Riel for it...
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