5 Tips Every Samsung Galaxy Phone Owner Should Know

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5 Tips Every Samsung Galaxy Phone Owner Should Know

Post by OrangeDragon »

1. Speed up your phone.
Not a fan of waiting? Disabling the home button shortcut for Samsung’s voice assistant, S Voice, will speed things up. You’ll notice much less of a delay when exiting apps. That’s because your Galaxy Phone is waiting for you to tap the home button twice to turn the feature on — every single time you press it.
2. Run two apps on the screen at once.
Samsung has been guilty of throwing lots of gimmicky stuff at the wall (see Smart Scroll and Smart Pause), but Multi Window is an underrated and underappreciated feature. With this function turned on, you can run two apps on the screen simultaneously, giving you serious multitasking power. Plus, you can move content from one window into another.
3. Customize the Quick Settings menu.
The whole point of Samsung’s Quick Settings menu is to save you time, so it’s in your best interest to take a little bit of time to customize it to your liking. Travel a lot? Then you’ll want the Airplane mode button front and center. Want to save every last bit of juice? Then you’ll want to prioritize Power saving mode or (if you own a Galaxy S5 or newer phone) Ultra power saving mode. I personally prefer S Finder, which helps you find apps, file email, and perform other things on your device.
4. Keep those backlit keys always on.
Maybe you’re a new Galaxy phone user trying to remember what button does what. Or you just hate peek-a-boo. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of people who don’t like that the keys beneath Samsung’s display automatically turn off after a few seconds. If you’d prefer that these keys always be backlit when the screen is on, it’s easy to do something about it.
5. Voice control to take photos
Whether you want to take more selfies (I won’t judge) or you just want to eliminate camera shake when you snap that important group photo, your Samsung phone can help. With a simple voice command you can activate the shutter. Choose from “Smile,” “Cheese,” “Capture,” or “Shoot” for taking pictures or just say, “Record video” for capturing footage. These commands work whether you’re using the back or front camera.
More info and instructions here: https://www.yahoo.com/tech/5-tips-every ... 18799.html

Personally I love the voice control camera, 4 would annoy me, 3 I've already set how I want it, and I had no idea about 1 and 2 because I don't have a Samsung and they're specific to that brand.
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Re: 5 Tips Every Samsung Galaxy Phone Owner Should Know

Post by Milord »

Good tips.
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