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Re: Metfone Dongle

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Which bit? Using your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot for your laptop? Bring them over to TTP, I'll set that up for you.

If you mean streaming television, not my area, but Digg3r knows about it.
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Re: Metfone Dongle

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taabarang wrote:Joker Poker,

Thanks for that piece of advice. I've had this problem for three weeks-either I can't connect to metphone and I do, but can't connect to anything else-weak signal I suppose. Just yesterday reception returned, but I'm going to follow your advice since UMTS is the only one that works out here near Kampong Cham.

Thanks for that. Certainly improved mine, still not perfect but really cheap and more stable than some WiFi around the place. I'm only a low user and pay $10 a month for 4g.


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