Home bomb-making sites

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Home bomb-making sites

Post by vladimir »

I have been making BB bombs at home for years, Heinz baked beanz, Worcester Sauce, curried eggs, great results. Add some chili, prahok...deadly results!

I have also bought a pressure-cooker now and would like some advice...

Please send emails via a VPN, as my email in Tajikistickystan often gets deleted.

May the Sauce be with you! =@ =@ =@
Jesus loves you...Mexico is great, right? ;)
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Re: Home bomb-making sites

Post by StroppyChops »

You have to much free time today, don't you!?
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Re: Home bomb-making sites

Post by Hugh Briss »

StroppyChops wrote:You have to much free time today, don't you!?
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