(U)HDTV in Cambodia?

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(U)HDTV in Cambodia?

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Last week i saw a billboard for Samsung UHD (4K)TV in Sihanoukville.
No need to say there is no channel transmitting in UHD and even if there was, those TVs arent able to receive HEVC/ H.265. They neither have a HDMI 2.0 Connection, so even when UHD-BluRay player will be on the market next year, you wont be able to use them. Does Samsung really thinks there is a market for these in Cambodia at the moment?

About HDTV, i think only DST provides HDTV in Cambodia via Satellite. But only some cambodian Channels like Hang Meas.
The One TV Receivers arent able to receive HDTV.
The local Cable Providers dont have HDTV Channels also (as far as i know)

Are there any Cable TV Providers in PP that have (international) Channels in HDTV?
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Re: (U)HDTV in Cambodia?

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To say nothing of Samsung starting to advertise their curved screens - those will be about as successful as 3D TV IMHO.
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