Computer Geek required

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Computer Geek required

Post by Duncan »

One of my laptops , Acer 2 years old running windows 7 , is giving me problems in startup, Soo bloody slow. Updates down load to about 35% then stop. then close down and on startup it reconfigures them to about 11%, then stops and reverts the changes , closes, and goes through the whole process again. Have tried all the online solutions and it maybe due to a windows message saying ''Service registry is missing.''

Any recommendations for computer experts that I can take it to ?
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Re: Computer Geek required

Post by StroppyChops »

I'd start with V-Tech on Kampuchea Krom, but this based on retail experience with them.
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Re: Computer Geek required

Post by Milord »

Try "System restore" then ccleaner. I'm not an expert btw. Is there enough disk space. Try boot into "safe Mode" and run without all the bloat.
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Re: Computer Geek required

Post by chkwoot »

StroppyChops wrote:I'd start with V-Tech on Kampuchea Krom, but this based on retail experience with them.
I agree! V-Tech is your best bet if you're not into doing it yourself.

Address and phone: ... on/contact

They're on the north side of Kampuchea Krom.

Backup all your important data first to an external hard drive, flash drive, CD/DVD, etc. Disconnect your PC from the internet first (turn off WiFi or unplug the cable). This should stop it from trying to update, eventually. And DEFINITELY delete anything that could get you into trouble (porn, bank info, etc.) before you take it anywhere.

Is your Windows genuine or pirated? If it's real, do not let them do a clean install (the easiest, and usually the best way to clear up problems). They will replace it with a pirated copy. If your Windows is not real, then no problem. Also be aware that EVERYTHING will be wiped out. All your saved data, programs, passwords, etc. will be gone. Make a list of everything that you'll need (the programs you installed shouldn't be backed up, you should reinstall to the new Windows), and print out or backup your browser's passwords.

I know some people (discreet western techs) who can do all for you, but it'll cost you about $18 per hour, and take 4 hours or more depending on how much stuff needs backed up and reinstalled. PM me if you want their contact info.

Good luck! PC problems in the Kingdom of Blunder suck!

Oh, and DO NOT take it to PTC or ANANA!
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