Kind foreigner left $100 for the person who crashed him

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Re: Kind foreigner left $100 for the person who crashed him

Post by Jamie_Lambo » Sat Jul 18, 2015 2:43 am

here we say, "Eatings Cheating" the horrible pressure of british binge drinking, drinking on an empty stomach also gets you more drunk..
me personally i dont/cant eat and drink if i drink too close to eating it bloats me up and i feel really full and sick with the food swimming around in my belly, if im eating ill just drink a soft drink usually water, and give it an hour for my food to go down before i start drinking, on that note also though i am an extremely heavy drinker, not big, nor clever, just through years of drinking heavily and the binge drinking culture in britian i have to consume stupid amounts of alcohol in order to get royally fucked, and its rare you will see me in a drunken state where i dont know what im doing
wish i wasnt like that though, it means i put on so much weight when im in cambodia through lack of exercise and drinking -_- lol
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Re: Kind foreigner left $100 for the person who crashed him

Post by Samouth » Mon Jul 20, 2015 4:50 pm

Anchor Moy wrote:
Samouth wrote:
Anchor Moy wrote:This would be a good one for your thread "What Khmer doesn't know about westerners" Samouth.
Amazing as it might seem to you from your experience among the glorious specimans of expats in PP, but 1/ not all westerners drink alcohol 2/some of them drink only in moderation 3/ some drink a lot from time to time, but never look like they're drunk. O:-)
Or not too much anyway. Lol.
Thank Anchor Moy for making this even more detail. It is pretty much different how westerner and Cambodian drink. We drink and eat at the same time and Westerner drinks only.
It is really right, my face turned red pretty quick while most of my friends look just the same and they drank even more than me.
No, sorry, Samouth. All western countries (and westerners) do not have the same drinking habits. In Europe, particularly in the south - France, Italy, Spain for example - people are usually eating when they drink.
This is also considered to be a civilized way to get drunk among the middle/upper classes in the UK and the rest of Europe.(Yeah, I'm generalizing.)

What you are probably seeing in Cambodia are young westerners without much money who think that having a party just means getting wasted- so drugs and alcohol are more important than food. But, all westerners are not like this. Parties in France or Spain always have food as well as drink (and possibly drugs.) It's just different cultures. All westerners don't have the same way of drinking.

Also, in most places, the younger you are, the more you drink to get drunk. %)
Thanks for this clear explanation. I was always surprised when people just drank one glass after one without eating anything. I can't drink without eating, maybe because i am not a heavy drinker. I can't drink much as i am so easily to be drunk. :)
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