Critically Endangered Black Marsh Turtle Hatches at Angkor Conservation Center

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Critically Endangered Black Marsh Turtle Hatches at Angkor Conservation Center

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Critically Endangered Black Marsh Turtle Born in Cambodia

[CAMBODIA NEWS] In a significant breakthrough for wildlife conservation efforts in Cambodia, the Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity (ACCB) announced on Tuesday, July 9, 2024, the successful hatching of a critically endangered Black Marsh Turtle, also known as the Smiling Terrapin.


The Black Marsh Turtle, native to Southeast Asia, faces numerous threats, including illegal wildlife trade for domestic and international markets, as well as habitat loss. Recognizable by its distinctive black coloration and white speckles on its face, the species gets its nickname "Smiling Terrapin" from its upward-curved mouth.

ACCB officials reported that the mother of the newly hatched turtle was rescued from illegal street trading. This successful breeding marks a crucial step in establishing a viable population of the species in Cambodia.

The center highlighted the reproductive patterns of the Black Marsh Turtle, noting that females typically lay one or two eggs at a time but can nest up to three or four times per season. This reproductive capacity offers hope for the species' recovery with proper conservation measures.

ACCB emphasized that this hatching represents a significant achievement in their efforts to ensure the survival of this turtle species in Cambodia. The center also reminded the public that ten turtle species in Cambodia are currently facing the threat of extinction.

The successful breeding program at ACCB underscores the importance of wildlife conservation efforts in preserving Cambodia's natural heritage and supporting its tourism industry.
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Re: Critically Endangered Black Marsh Turtle Hatches at Angkor Conservation Center

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Whoa , I thought toitles laid more than 1 or 2 eggs ..
That’s going to be a problem when it grows up
Unless they find another one for any purebred obscenities ..
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